Israel versus Judaism

Holocaust Victims Accuse

Published in 1977 by
Bnei Yeshivos
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Chapter Two

The following quote is recorded in the documentary files of the Jewish Agency for the era of the holocaust:

“We have been informed that in a certain community in Poland, all the Jews of the congregation were assembled together in the shule.

Was this perhaps an outburst of demented people doomed to die? Not at all. Even though these unfortunate Jews did not predict the imminent tragedy, their intuition foresaw more than what they consciously knew. Hitler had two diabolical collaborators without whose help he would not have been able to complete his work: the active and passive assistance Of the Christian nations (including both those whom he conquered and those who were his allies) and the Jewish leaders of the conquered and free nations, alike, who violated their trust and stood by while innocent blood was shed.

At the time that Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandel published his “Mm HaMaitzar” (“From the Depths”), I wrote a review in “Digleinu”, in which I intended to summarize three general conclusions from that book:

1. eternal hatred to the eternal nation

2. Amalek in the guise of the Catholic Church

3. the Jewish criminals of the holocaust.

The Eichmann trial was then in progress, and my pen hesitated at that time to make the indictment against the criminal descendants of Abraham. Therefore, when my pen came to point three, it desisted. Much water has since flowed into the seas upon which Eichmann’s ashes were scattered, and we are no longer permitted to ignore Rabbi Weissmandel’s last testament, which was written in blood. We cannot allow forgetfulness to set in for the sake of convenience.


In his speech at the Eichmann trial, the prosecutor stated that it was not the occasion to inculpate the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis, which is a chapter unto itself. And indeed, though the trial of the holocaust’s Jewish culprits did not take place in the Beit Ha’am Auditorium in Jerusalem, it would be no less horrifying and unnerving and possibly a lot more — than Eichmann’s trial. Nor are we free from staging it in our hearts or evading it altogether.

The Eichmann trial had a double purpose: that of seeking justice against the beastly instincts in man and that of educating us to the nature of the wickedness of nations. As for the shadow trial which must be held against our own brethren, its sole purpose is educational. Secularism must be placed upon the prosecutor’s bench of the guilty and exposed as the mortal enemy of our people.

There were Jews who could not resist the test of boot and whiplash and, by turning informer upon their brethren, by rendering them unto the hangman or making them scapegoats of the kapos and the Jewish councils, gained their own freedom. Since we were not subjected to their trials, thank G-d, it is questionable if we can judge them in the full severity of the law. Not every generation merits foremen who are willing to sacrifice themselves as did the Jewish foremen in ancient Egypt.

Photo - The Jewish police in the Kovna Ghetto.

But here lies the paradox: the state which designates itself as “Israel” has on its books a law demanding justice to be meted out to Nazis and their collaborators, but for those laden with guilt who stood at the helm of Jewry during the holocaust, there is no law to call them to account. Not only that, but those who have died in the interval are lauded and revered, and those who are yet alive maintain their respected positions, as they continue to prop themselves up as representatives of the Jewish people. While we angrily demand that the Bonn government remove Nazi Hans Gloebke and his cohorts, let us condemn ourselves for not removing parallel figures from our own public stage. While the Bonn government has not dared send Gloebke to address a memorial ceremony for Bergen—Belsen, ‘several days ago, on Holocaust Day (1961), Yitzchak Greenbaum spoke in the Chamber of the Holocaust on Mount Zion without any protestors in evidence.

Dr. Nachum Goldmann, president of Zionist organizations and president of the World Jewish Congress, admitted this year in a public forum commemorating the Warsaw ghetto uprising: “We all are blameworthy, not only in the Qausative objective factors, but also in the absence of that fervent will and unbridled readiness to adapt any and all necessary measures possible in that period.”

We shall return to Dr. Goldman’s speech, but let us first present two questions: 1) Why did he wait with this confession for 20 years and 2) Why does he not reach personal conclusions towards the blame which he admitted? Why is he satisfied with a general verbose confession, which he thinks suffices to atone for the past, while enabling him to continue in the future to hold his powerful positions?

Who bore us these Jewish holocaust criminals? What earth nurtured these thorns and thistles in the Jewish vineyard? What befouled and poisoned spring watered such moral depravity and brotherly hatred towards unfortunates, evident in the extent of their willing and diligent service as beasts of ‘prey in the destruction? Let us hear an account from the famous writer and critic, Y. Efroiken,a standard bearer of secularism whom the holocaust brought to the gates of repentance. In his book, “Sanctity and Valor of the Jews”, he writes:

“From where did the thousands of Jewish police (kapos), who served the Germans in the concentration camps and the ghettoes, come? From which circles was this infamous army recruited? The survivors of the holocaust all concur that they originated from the underworld and from the ‘maskilim’ — the very people who denounced their ‘unenlightened’ brethren for their traditional garb. Did not these maskilim harbor the identical feelings of scorn and even hatred of their masters and officers, the Nazis?

“Question survivors of the ghettoes and camps. They will certify that the beatings they received at the hands of the Jewish ‘golden youth’ were filled with scorn. They fulfilled their tasks with a zeal and a cruelty to a greater extent than that required by the German commanders. One is at a loss to understand why the renunciation of Judaism goes hand in hand with renouncing humaneness, why shrugging off the inner G-dly Jewish form automatically denudes one of human form and human values. Here one must record the blatant fact, verified by wit nesses (including Communists, bundists and Zionists), that Torah—true Jewry —— Jews wearing traditional rabbinical or chassidic garb — never held positions in the Jewish police force, which ad ministered ghetto Jewry, and never served as kapos or officers. Even Gentiles sympathetic to our people, who sought to describe out standing personalities or singular heroism in the camps, could only find such examples from amongst Torah observant Jews, who never meted out beatings, who starved rather than defile themselves with ‘trefos,’ who shared their last crust with the weak and the sick.”

K. Tzetnik, famous chronicler of tales of the holocaust, who fainted and became critically ill after he began testifying at the Eichmann trial, offers corroborating evidence in his book about Auschwitz, “Call Him Feifel”. There he depicts the figure of Eliezer Greenbaum, son of Yitzchak Greenbaum, who, thanks to his tactics of acting as informant and displaying cruelty — to an extent which amazed even the Germans — was elevated to the rank of the bloc commander.

In K. Tzetnik’s words, “he hated religious Jews with an abysmal loathing. His eyes would shoot flaming sparks whenever a religious Jew, and even moreso a rabbi, fell into his clutches. And so, when he murdered a Jew named Heller, he summoned two other Jews from the barracks. ‘Who is the ray?’ he asked. The one who was a rabbi had his bearded face covered with a rag, which had once been part of a coat sleeve. Fruchtenbaum (Greenbaum) measured the two men with a scornful glare, his features clearly showing how it irked him that such Jews still existed. He turned to the Shilover Rebbe and, in an anti—Semitic tone, rolled out a threatening ‘rebbetzin’ from between clenched teeth, while his brain toiled to devise a method of death for the pair.”

K. Tzetnik reveals the inner fantasies of an. Auschwitz inmate:

“His father, the Zionist leader, will surely be the first to arrive in Auschwitz in order to roll in its dust and to throw the first stone at the corpse of his hanged son. The unfortunate Fruchtenbaum (Greenbaum) will blame himself as if his own hands wielded the club his son used. He will not know how to lament and to mourn. Undoubtedly, to the end of his days, he will dress in sackcloth with ashes on his head, culled from those cremated Jews whom his son murdered. Is not the son a limb of his father as the fruit is an extension of the tree? A percentage of Jewry would still be alive had the father of the Nazi lackey been a small merchant, a shoemaker or a shammos in a shule. Who knows how many Jews would have been alive today had the Zionist leader Fruchtenbaum been childless?”

What actually happened is well known: Yitzchak Greenbaum strides amongst us, his bearing erect, surrounded with the glory and honor of a celebrated Zionist leader. His son, the murderer, escaped to Eretz Yisroel, where his life was finally terminated, not by an Arab bullet, but by a Jewish avenger. And despite this, his name is memorialized in the “G’veelay Aish” (‘Parchment of Fire”) book that commemorates the fallen of the Zionist War of 1948.

The father knew that it was from him that his son inherited his virulent hatred for Torah-observing Jews, for in his own home and from his own mouth he had heard the motto, “death to Orthodoxy.” He executed his father’s wicked thoughts.

The Yevseks (Jewish Communists) in Russia and the kapos in the ghettos and the camps all were nurtured from the same maniacal hatred towards Jewish tradition and its upholders. It is possible that they subconsciously blamed Orthodox Jewry for resisting and deterring complete assimilation of Jewry and thereby perpetuating the Jewish problem, while causing international discontent. Placing the blame upon traditional Jewry appeared to them the only logical explanation for the evil that befell them. Since they did not believe in the basic tenets of reward for mitzvos, punishment for sins, and the ultimate obligation of accounting for oneself before the AlMighty, they could give their darkened minds free reign.

Romkowsky, serving for decades as the chairman of the Zionists in Lodz, had himself crowned, under Nazi sponsorship, “king of the ghetto.” He treated his “constituents” with the ruthlessness of a maniacal tyrant, augmenting Nazi decrees with his own, organizing with methodical precision and without pity all death transports, appointing himself as the sole marriage performer for young couples. Alfred Nussing, the elderly Zionist leader and personal friend of Herzl, blemished his old age by informing and spying in the Warsaw ghetto, for which he was judged and sentenced to death by the underground.

=== PHOTO - Romkowsky’s egomania led him to print stamps with his own Image.

These names are mentioned as blatant examples but the infamous list itself is long and spans many cities and villages throughout Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and Romania.

The AlMighty created these to offset those. And to counter the individual secularists — those who perpetrated the wickedness — on the one hand, we have a multitude of tens of thousands of believers, mostly nameless heroes, whose deeds shine brilliantly with their love for G-d and His people in a display of the three Jewish traits of mercy, humility and lovingkindness, which all the horrors of the holocaust could not extinguish. Their praises have yet to be sung, for only in the Book of the Omniscient One are these righteous and humble people chronicled for what they did.

Only one remnant survived, like a log extracted from the fire — Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandel, may this holy saint’s memory be blessed — to demand justice. So long as there remained one last hope, he would not remain silent. And even after it was too late, he refused to resign himself and forget the Jewry that had been an nihilated. He was the great prosecutor in the shadow trial, which he conducted against secular world Jewish leadership. His indictment of incrimination is emblazoned in fiery letters in his work, “From the Depths” (“Mm Hamaitzar”).

This book, however, only tells part of the story; it only included the details known to him and at his fingertips. In his situation, Rabbi Weissmandel. was unable to delve into and investigate the facts that were revealed to him only after he escaped danger. His heart was un able to contain more and burst within him. He fell victim to the massive burden of crimes of those collaborators who stood by calmly while Jews met their untimely, cruel deaths. These traitors resembled fish ensnared in nets, endeavoring to escape by fair means or foul, while the whales, the secular leaders, were in secure places and continued ploying a diplomacy in which millions of imprisoned Jews were ex ploited like pawns on a chessboard.


Zionist leaders during the holocaust did not stop at manipulating lives. They also controlled the sources of finance and communications, representing themselves before the world as the spokesmen of the Jewish nation. They, alone, are responsible for the unfulfilled potential in rescuing the Jewish people. In three vital areas they failed and impeded other efforts: 1) in communications, 2) in material aid and 3) in preventing annihilation. Had these failures stemmed from ignorance or mistakes, one might excuse their lack of ability, but the bitter truth is that their actions were determined by explicit policy and a fundamental principle. The first and foremost aim was to establish the “state” — the masses of Jews merely served as convenient means. And wherever there existed a contradiction between the two, the needs of the masses, and even their salvation, were subordinated to the needs of the state-in-formation. In the year 1905, the riots and pogroms that broke out in Russia were welcomed with blessings by the Jewish socialists who, together with their Russian counterparts, con soled themselves that Jewish blood was good grease for the wheels the revolution. The Zionist leaders saw the spilt Jewish blood of the holocaust as grease for the wheels of the Jewish national state. And as a general sacrifices thousands of soldiers for the sake of capturing one fortress, so did the Zionist leaders bloody their hands in building the state of “Israel” and sacrifice Jewish children of the diaspora in the fortification of its walls.

Eliezer Livneh is worthy of praise for his courage in at least admitting this in his column, “Thoughts on the Holocaust” (Yediot Achronot, 25 Nisan). He writes: “Our Zionist orientation educated us to see the growing land of Israel as the prime goal and the Jewish nation only in relation to its building the land. With each tragedy befalling the Jews in the diaspora, we saw the state as the evident solution. We continued employing this principle even during the holocaust, saving only those who could be brought to Israel. The mandate’s limitation on immigration served as a political factor in our battle to open the doors to aliya and to establishing the state. Our programs were geared to this aim and for this we were prepared to sacrifice or endanger lives. Everything outside of this goal, including the rescue of European Jewry for its own sake, was a secondary goal. If there can be no people without a country,’ Rabbi Weissmandel exclaimed, ‘then surely there can be no country without a people. And where are the living Jewish people, if not in Europe’?”

Let us bring historical evidence to support the above.

In the Zionist Congress which took place in London in 1937, Dr. Weizmann established the line of policy with his words:

“The hopes of Europe’s six million Jews are centered on emigration. I was asked, ‘Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine I replied, ‘No’ From the depths of the tragedy I want to save two million young people.. .The old ones will pass. They will bear their fate or they will not. They were .dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world... Only the branch of the young shall survive... They have to accept it.”

In January of 1940, a ship full of Jewish refugees was stranded on the Danube River. The ship’s captain demanded money to continue on the trip to Eretz Yisroel. Henry Montor, executive vice chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, replied to this request with the following:

“Many of the passengers are old people and women...unable to endure the harsh conditions on this type of trip... to come to Palestine are needed young men and women who understand the obligations of a Jewish national home... There could be no more deadly ammunition... than if Palestine were to be flooded with very old people or with undesirables...”

PHOTO-“The old ones will pass. They will bear their fate... They have to accept it’ Weizmandl

In his book, “In Days of Holocaust and Destruction,” Yitzchak Greenbaum writes, “when they asked me, couldn’t you give money out of the t3 Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe, I said, ‘NO!’ and I say again, ‘NO!’ should resist this wave which pushes the Zionist activities to secondary importance.”

In January, 1943, the leadership of the absorption and enlisting fund decided to bar all appeals on behalf of rescuing Jews. It is explicitly stated in the “Sefer Hamagbis” (Book of Appeals) that the reasons for this prohibition were because of other obligations in Eretz Yisroel.

In the beginning of February, 1943, Yitzchak Greenbaum addressed a meeting in Tel Aviv on the subject, “The Diaspora and the Redemption, in which he stated:

“For the rescue of the Jews in the Diaspora, we should consolidate our excess strength and the surplus of powers that we have. When they c to us with two plans — the rescue of the masses of Jews in Europe or the redemption of the land — I vote, without a second thought, for the redemption of the land. The more said about the slaughter of our people, the greater the minimization of our efforts strengthen and promote the Hebraization of the land. If there would be a possibility today of buying packages of food with the money of the “Keren Hayesod” (United Jewish Appeal) to send it through Lisbon, would we do such a thing? No! and once again No!”

The following is addressed to my acquaintances: When Greenbaum e these shameful views, he served as chairman of the acting committee for the rescue of European Jewry. The wolf was appointed by beasts of prey to serve as shepherd for a flock of sheep. But he was not the only wolf to masquerade as a shepherd.

Mr. Nathan Schwalb sat in Switzerland and served as the representative of the Jewish Agency, exercising authority upon matters of rescue. When he was approached by the rescue committee of Czech Jewry for a sum of money to halt the transports to Auschwitz, he answered in a letter that serves as a historical document we would do well to repeat:

“Since we have the opportunity of this courier, we are writing to the group that they must always remember that matter which is the most important, which is the main issue that must always be before our eyes. After all, the allies will be victorious. After the victory, they will once again divide up the world between the nations as they did at the end of the first war. Then they opened the way for us for the first step and now, as the war ends, we must do everything so that Eretz Yisroel should become a Jewish state. Important steps have already been taken in this matter. As to the cry that comes from your country, we must be aware that all the nations of the Allies are spilling much blood and if we do not bring sacrifices, with what will we achieve the right to sit at the table when they make the distribution of nations and territories after the war? And so it would be foolish and impertinent on our side to ask the nations whose blood is being spilled for permission to send money into the land of their enemies in order to protect our own blood.

PHOTO - “When they asked, couldn’t you give money out of the United Jewish Appeal funds for the rescue of Jews in Europe, I said, ‘NO!’ Greenbeum

PHOTO - “Only through blood (of the Jews in the Diaspora) will the lend be ours”: Nathan Schwalb, Jewish Agency rooresentative in Switzerland.

Because “rak b’dam tihyu lanu haaretz” (only through blood will the land be ours). As to yourselves — members of the group — “atem taylu” (“you will get out”), and for this purpose we are providing you with funds by this courier.”

Here Mr. Schwalb expressed the complete Zionist ideology and stated clearly and openly the politics of the Zionist leaders in the area of rescue: The shedding of Jewish blood in the Diaspora is necessary in order for us to demand the establishment of a “Jewish” state before a peace commission. Money will be sent to save a group of “chalutzim” (pioneers), while the remainder of Czech Jewry must resign itself to annihilation in the Auschwitz crematoria.

When Rabbi Weissmandel received Schwalb’s answer, he was reminded of the two warnings he had received from his father-in-law, the holy rabbi of Nitra, that in rescue work he shouldn’t pin any hopes whatsoever upon either the Catholic .Church or the world Zionist movement. He blamed himself for wasting his time by not heeding this warning and subsequently vainly expending mighty efforts which he could have directed to more beneficial areas.

It is common knowledge that Eichmann proposed to Dr. Kastner’s committee that Jewish lives be exchanged for merchandise, a proposal which he termed, “Merchandise in Exchange for Blood.” Zionist leaders read this bid differently: “Blood in Exchange for the State.”

We have discussed at length and have not touched upon more than a beginning. There is not enough paper to list all these tragedies, and the souls of both the readers and writer cannot digest all this material at one time. The portion of misery and pain overflows its bounds and one must have a breather in order to comprehend these chapters and to let them be engraved deeply in our hearts. One must not let the frightful crying and sighing of the saint of the holocaust — Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandel — be smothered between the pages of his book. Rather, we must let his weeping enrage and enervate us in measure with his last plead — not to forget or let be forgotten the blame of the secular leaders for the blood of their brethren doomed to death in the crematoria.

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