Israel versus Judaism

Holocaust Victims Accuse

Published in 1977 by
Bnei Yeshivos
161 East Houston St., Suite 10
New York, NY 10013

Chapter One

Amongst those who sanctified the AlMighty’s Name in the holocaust — and none can reach their lofty level — stands tall the exalted figure of the pious Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandel, the son—in--law of the rabbi of Nitra, of blessed memory. Fortunately, he, himself, did not share the same fate as those holy martyrs, but during the five years of destruction, he stood like Aaron the High Priest — redeemer and savior—— between the living and the dead, trying to ward off the angel of death. All his thoughts, efforts and strength were primed for one purpose — rescue. He, alone, rerr of all his family and congregation. His injured heart absorbed the agonies of the holocaust. The war ended. Life returned to its normal course. Even the survivors began to reestablish their destroyed houses: Only he could not find solace or peace of mind. The holocaust endured inside him with all its fright. He lived it day and night, even after he arrived at the safe harbor of the United States. For many years he wrestled with doubts. Did he have the right to be silent? Or was he obligated to throw in the face of the world a full measure of the cry of Rabbi lshmael, the High Priest, when the strippers of his skin approached the place of his tefillin?

When Rabbi Michael Dov approached the time to leave this world and return his soul to the treasury where the martyred souls of his tortured holy brethren repose, he quickly compiled the notes which were to form his book, “Min HaMaitzar” (“From the Depths”). It was published posthumously by the Nitra Yeshiva, which he had established in the United States. Bewailing the agonies of the people, as in the Book of Lamentations, as the prosecutor who has an irrevocable warrant, as an historian who writes a memorial, and as the representative of his people who confesses and atones for himself and his congregation, so arises the towering figure of Rabbi Weissmandel in his book — this, the Lamentations of the holocaust. Above all, Rabbi Weissmandel was a Jewish leader of the same high caliber of the “parnasim” of former generations, who gave their lives for their congregations and steered their ships through tidal waves of hate with much understanding, fearless heroism and hands unsoiled with bribery. They appeared in front of the wicked of the world to rescue, protect and save those marked for death. Their work was done with quiet humility and without self—aggrandizement. “Min HaMaitzar” was not meant to memorialize the past, but was intended for more: to teach us morality, to draw conclusions from the extended front of our relationship with the world and to form the internal front of our line of demarcation with the secular Jewish establishment — which forced itself upon the Jewish people and seized its leadership.

Photo - Rabbi Michael Ber Weissmandel

Photo - Rabbi Samuel David Ungar, Nitra Ray



From their burning desire to be free of the glorified uniqueness which the AlMighty intended for His people in the wilderness of nations, the secular propagandists created the illusion that our relationship to the nations of the world could develop along the same lines as allies or enemies. Undoubtedly, there were a scattered few righteous individuals amongst these nations who endangered themselves to save Jews in our generation — as some have in every generation — and in our collective consciences, past and present, we have always remembered them with gratitude. But, as we know, the exception only proves the rule; and the majority have opposed these gracious exceptions. It was the intention of some people to present the Germans, alone, as the symbol of vice; but, in fact, many nations saw the Germans as their convenient instruments of Jew—killing. Western democracies hurried to close their gates to escaping refugees, while in CoMinunist Russia, machine guns mercilessly cut them down and of ten reddened the Volga River with their blood. Tens of thousands who succeeded in escaping across the border were sent to Siberia for a slow death by starvation a hard labor — their only crime being that they were Jewish. The Nazi labor camps had their equal in the wastes of Siberia. It seems we want to forget how those partisan groups that fought the Nazis would kill those Jewish refugees who sought their aid and even engage groups of armed Jewish partisans who were fighting the same German enemy. In occupied countries, the Ioc populace felt strong hatred for the Nazi invaders. Nevertheless, it collaborated in exterminating Jews, either by outright murder, or by turning them over to the Nazis.

With the outbreak of World War II, Zionist leaders boastfully decreed the Jews to be a “warring nation,” which had joined the Allies in their war against Germany. But the Allies never accepted the outstretched hand of this uninvited friend. Churchill’s Britain offered, to butchered Jewry, an impressive ceremony of standing in silence in Parliament. At the same time, it willfully issued only a restricted amount of entry visas and allowed thousands to perish. Similarly, Roosevelt’s America refused to loosen its-iMinigration laws. At first, the German occupation forces refused to activate the racist laws against Jewish citizens-of other countries for fear of reprisals against German nationals abroad. They quickly discovered no grounds for their concern, however, s the western democracies issued no complaints in the face of the murder of their Jewish citizens. Thousands of were flown nightly by the United States. and Britain to destroy German cities, but in the death houses of Auschwitz, Maidanek, and Treblinka, the inmates searched the skies in vain for a single bomb to prevent one furnace from burning 13,000 Jews per day. In his many letters, Rabbi Weissmandel implored the Allies to bomb the extermination camps and especially the railroad tracks that led to them. For this purpose, he drew up exact plans of the camps and precisely mapped out their railroad systems:

One of .the letters fell into the hands of Germans, who mocked its message by saying: From now on, whenever Germans want to secure their trains from enemy bombs, all they have to do is write in large bold letters on the roof of the trains that they are transporting Jews for extermination. There was much truth ri this mockery. There existed an un written understanding between the two fighting blocs; the Germans would exterminate Jews and the Allies wouldn't’t stop them, but would only offer words of protest and consolation. The Jews in Poland had an expression: if a Pole meets me on the wayside and doesn't kill me, it is only from laziness.

In the days of the holocaust, the Gentile world was split in half: Half the planet turned into an ax and their inhabitants into executioners, while the other half became an impregnable, closed fortress with its in habitants standing by with indifference or with gloating. The historical axiom of eternal hatred to the eternal nation is not broken by the exceptional phenomena in Scandinavian countries, because this same axiom has a qualifier which states: t strength of anti—Semitism exists in proportion to the percentage of Jews in the Gentile population, and to the importance of their contribution to culture, economics and politics. The Scandinavian concern for the Nazi victims derives from the infinitesimal percentage of Jews in these countries.

Ovadiah prophesied the crimes and punishments of the great—grandsons of Esau:

But you should not have gazed on the day of your brother in the day of his disaster, neither should you have rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of their destruction; neither should you have spoken proudly in the day of their distress. You should not have entered into the gate of my people in the day of their calamity; indeed, you should not have gazed on their affliction in the day of their calamity, nor have laid hands on their substance in the day of their calamity. Neither should you have stood in the crossway, to cut off those of his that escape; neither should you have delivered up those of his who did remain in the day of distress. For the day of the Lord is near upon all the nations; as you have done, it shall be done unto you; your dealing shall return upon your own head.



From the day we were exiled from the Holy Land, the Catholic Church was worse to us than all the kings of the earth. All its steps on the stage of history were tracked with Jewish blood. One of its unwritten laws is that the Jews deserve the worst punishment for rejecting their “savior” with two hands.

Rabbi Weissmandel writes, in “Min HaMaitzar”: “In Nitra, there was an 82—year—old archbishop named Komenatka. When the deportations frd Slovakia began in the year 1941, Rabbi Samuel David Ungar, the rabbi of Nitra, was entreated to go plead before the archbishop to halt the deportations. The wicked old man said to the rabbi of Nitra:

‘This is not just deportation. There you won’t die from hunger and disease. There you will be slaughtered: from the elderly to the infants, children and women — all in one day. And this is the punishment you deserve for the death of our savior. You've only one alternative — to convert. Then I will try to cancel the decrees’.”

Terrible years passed and in the year 1944, the ax fell on the last of Slovakian Jewry. Rabbi Weissmandel endangered his life by appearing in front of the Papal Nuncio and describing to him the terrors of Auschwitz. He pleaded against the deportation of more than 20,000 Jews. The Papal Nuncio threatened Rabbi Weissmandel with an iMinediate Gestapo arrest and added: "There is not a Jewish child in the world without blood-guilt. All Jews are liable in this matter and deserve to die — and this is the punishment awaiting them for that crime." This representative of the Church demanded that the prime minister of Hungary mercilessly murder the Hungarian Jews, as was done in neighboring Slovakia.

It is not a coincidence, at all that there are some reports that the Vatican helped Eichmann in his flight, and equipped him with a bogus passport. The same demon (Eichmann) drew upon the Catholic Church for his inspiration for the final solution to the Jewish problem. The yellow badge and the ghetto were the Satanic inventions of the Catholic Church, and were employed for hundreds of years. The passionate coMinitment of Eichmann to root out every last hiding Jew and to exterminate him has precedence in the Church’s Inquisition, which zealously tracked down the remainders of the forced converts. Eichmann proclaimed during the Israeli investigation that he deplored mass murder by shooting, since it develops sadistic tendencies in the executioners. He therefore preferred murder by poison gas. Even here is heard the echo of hypocritical Catholic piety which, because Christian love forbids bloodshed, recoMinended for its victims death by conflagration (auto da fe). The Inquisition, which burned at the stake tens of thousands of Marranos, developed systems of torture and perfected special mechanisms for such situations. The Popes have graced this epoch with the title, "The Holy Inquisition." We can only suppose that if the Church's hand was as strong as it was in medieval days, it would confer upon Eichmann, too, the title of "holy," and would set aside a day for honoring :"Saint Adolf" on its calendar. When the former Pope, Pius XII, died, the heads of the World Jewish Congress and representatives of the State of “Israel” hurried to sing the praises of this sly enemy of the Jewish people, while Reform and Conservative “rabbis” competed in their displays of mourning and portrayed him as a savior of Jews during the holocaust.

What is the historical truth? The Pope did take a few steps to prevent expulsion of Italian Jews, and so continued the pious Vatican tradition. But as the Popes of the past, who were the architects of persecution and slaughter of Jews in Catholic Europe throughout the Middle Ages, supposedly defended the lives of the Jews of Rome and-other Italian cities — thus demonstrating, by public actions, Catholic “piety” — it was not until the year 1945, i.e., until the fall of Germany, that the Pope published his annual pastoral letter, which would have discredited anti-Semitism and supported the saving of Jews from slaughter. Specifically, the Catholic population in all the German occupied countries slaughtered Jews without pity, encouraged by their priests. The Poles, Lithuanians, Austrians, Croations, Slovaks and Hungarians were all fanatical Catholics, and all had unsatiable appetites for Jewish blood. Those cruel pythons, the Polish clergy, instigated — after the fall of the Nazis — pogroms of those Jews who’d miraculously survived. It was no accident that the Nazis chose Slovakia as the first country to send her Jews to extermination in Poland, agreeing to pay more than 500 German marks for each expatriated Jew. Slovakia was the only state at whose head stood a Catholic priest: Tisa. By doing this, the Nazis wanted to demonstrate to all the European nations that there was no place for pity or for con science. They pointed out that an independent Catholic nation whose president is a priest was leading the way in extermination of its Jews.

Rabbi Weissmand presents a shocking document of the serpentine slyness of he who occupied the Papal chair. When all the rabbis of. Slovakia sent the Pope a petition to halt the deportation of Jews to Auschwitz, there came from the Pope a reply looking like sympathy on the outside, but tasting of poison on the inside. His reply, which sealed the fate of Slovakian Jewry, expressed his wonder that “a state that recognizes itself as a Catholic government should take on itself to expel 135,000 Jews to Poland, separating men, women and children, and causing much pain to so many families. The pain increases when the Slovakian government decides to expel all the Jews without exception, even those who had converted to Catholicism. The Holy See would not fulfill its Divine purpose if it would not express its sorrow at these decrees, which hurt its faithful sons, as exile will drive them from their new—found faith.” The Slovakian government picked up the intimations of the Pope’s letter and subsequently reached two decisions which were coMinunicated to the Pope: From then on, Jewish families would be expelled together, not separately; and the decrees of exile would not affect those who renounced Judaism. The Pope’s mind was eased, and when the Slovakian head of state, the priest and murderer, Tisa, was sentenced to death after the war, the “merciful father” of the Vatican shed a silent tear over him.

“Know the enemy” is the first rule of self—defense. As long as the Jews were healthy in their historical sense, their nausea for the Church was rooted in their nature. In our generation, the disruption of Judaism has caused a loss of perception. The government of the “State of Israel” displays deference towards the Church and some distinguished Israelis — not only a few poor people — educate their sons in missionary schools. Many youths flock to church to experience Christian holidays, and there is a tolerant attitude towards Jewish converts to Christianity and towards mixed marriages.

The active advocate of apostasy, Sholom Ashe, who had been alienated from his brothers in the United States, was received in Israel with admiration and honor. All these indications foreshadow severe decline. The secular nationality which rejects Judaism, blurs the separation between Jews and Christians, and seeks a neutral stance. Religious and cultural obliteration looms ominously in the vacuum.

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