Israel versus Judaism



This booklet was originally published in 5721 By Jewish Post Publications, London, England

We have reproduced the booklet here (with permission). Visitors are encouraged to read this short booklet straight through but you can also access each section of the book separately:

Biography of the author

Uriel Zimmer first began writing in the orthodox Jewish Press in 1939 and has since contributed many hundreds of thought-provoking articles throughout the orthodox Press. He has been the editor of the oldest existing Jerusalem Hebrew daily "Hakol" for many years and has frequently written for the columns of the "Jewish Post", London, "Der Yid", New York, and "Emounatenu" of Paris.

He is a linguist of renown and has translated some of the writings of Hirsch from German into Hebrew, the essays of Nathan Birnbaum, the poems of de Haan from Dutch into Hebrew, the essays of Jacob Rosenheim from German into English, and the Tanya from Hebrew into Yiddish.

He has travelled widely on the European Continent, including Turkey, and also in Latin-America. In 1946 he visited many of the D.P. camps, and was associated there with active rescue work. He was a co-founder of the first branch of the Agudist Youth Movement in Haifa in 1938.

Uriel Zimmer has had the closest personal contacts with many of the sages and thinkers of independent Orthodoxy, and is persona grata with many of the Gedolim of our days. He is closely affiliated with the activities of the “Chabad� (Lubavitch) movement. He was a close friend of the late Rabbi Moshe Blau, Dr. Isaac Breuer and Dr. Pinchas Kohn.

He was born in Vienna in 1921 and settled in Jerusalem in 1934. He is the United Nations correspondent of several newspapers.

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