Israel versus Judaism

Holocaust Victims Accuse

Published in 1977 by
Bnei Yeshivos
161 East Houston St., Suite 10
New York, NY 10013


World War II began. The accursed German soldiers conquered Poland and most of the other nations of Europe quickly and, seemingly, effortlessly.

After the fall of Poland, where the majority of European Jewry resided, Hitler immediately began to implement the “Final Solution”: to slaughter and exterminate every Jewish soul. The murder of the Jews was no small affair to Hitler. It was his main goal and the very first item on his agenda.

Even up to the present time, there has been no one who can enable us to understand the psychology behind this ruthless mass murder of the Jews. Why did Hitler want this? Why did he put so much effort into it? Why did he kill men, women and children? Why did he destroy millions of able-bodied persons during an all—out conflict, when each one was capable of serving him through hard labor, which was so necessary for his war effort? What brought this evil and wicked man to his extermination plans and actions - and why did all the nations of the world laugh at us during this tragic period, which has so often been spoken of as an integral part of “modern civilization”?

Why did President Franklin Roosevelt jest about us while meeting with Stalin at Yalta, saying; “I want to sell you the six million Jews in the U.S.A.”? Why did the White House hold back from the general public all news of the mass murders going on in the occupied countries? The American Government’s representatives in Europe were also warned not to have anything to do with this whole situation, which didn’t’t concern them. All the rescuers of dogs and cats were not active at the time and all the societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals did not anguish over the torture and mass annihilation of human beings.

The chronicle of all that happened to us in those days is very long; and what is known to us leaves a much larger amount unknown - possibly never to be revealed.

The dreadful voices of the slaughtered in Auschwitz tore away at the Heavens, but they were isolated voices. They cried out from one end of the world to the other, but they were not heard.

Every day, thousands of Jews were transported to a place from whence they didn’t’t return. They were tortured in every way, reaching such a state of numbness that after a while, they no longer even felt the pain. The Nazis viewed them as some sort of animals or other lowly creatures. No one remembered them or thought about them, and certainly no one took a public stand against the countless murders and exterminations in the fiery furnaces with such unfamiliar, but auspicious names as Treblinka, Bergen—Belsen, Maidanek, Dachau and Buchenwald. During those frightful years, all was quiet. No one cared. No one said a word.

It was astonishing, just looking at it, to see how millions of Jews were being killed in every way, and it as even more amazing to perceive how each and every one, with his eyes open, meekly took off his clothes and descended obediently into the pits of blood: how they did all that they were ordered to by the German murderers. Even seconds before they were shot, they unquestioningly complied with Nazi demands that they step into the very pits where others before them had just met their untimely and violent deaths.

But even the shadow of death in front of them did not have the strength to steal, away from them the, great merit of saying, “Shema Yisroel HaShem Elokainu HaShem Echod”, with a clear mind and a pure heart. Their declarations of G-d’s Oneness poured forth from their lips quietly, but ascended straight up to the Heavenly Throne. The most plain and simple Jew, totally bewildered by the events that led to his being murdered was, in the final analysis, persecuted only because he was a Jew. This is part of our holiness and loftiness as the Almighty’s chosen nation. Our sanctification of His Name is enshrined forever and we would have it no other way.

The fact, however, that our people were brutally murdered by beastly agents of the Angel of Death in human form would be totally in explicable to us, if it were not for the understanding we derive from our holy Torah that all of this was, indeed, from the Almighty. The rabbis in the Warsaw Ghetto counted for nought everything in the secular world and its seemingly awesome political and military events. Rather, they cited the curses, rebukes and punishments, as enumerated in the “toh-cha-chaw” in Parsh Bechukosai. The rabbis of Hungary, squeezed together in the cattle cars to Auschwitz, standing for long hours without food or drink, as much as 90 in a car, also saw the awesome fulfillment of these dire warnings in the Torah’s list of retributions; maintaining that it all happened to us because we didn’t come out strong enough against the Zionists.

Rabbi Chaim Sonnenfeld, chief rabbi of the Orthodox community in the Holy Land, once had a poignant encounter with one of Palestine’s leading Zionists. This deliberate opponent of Torah gloried in perpetrating wickedness against the sainted Rabbi Sonnenfeld. Encountering Rabbi Sonnenfeld as the latter left his house with head buried in his hands, after hearing of the untimely death of one of his beloved sons, who was then only 45 years of age, the wicked atheist approached Rabbi Sonnenfeld while he was walking with deep heartache along the streets of Old Jerusalem. “You are deserving this punishment,” mocked the Zionist, “because you have made it your life purpose to fight against us”. The Rabbi Sonnenfeld firmly replied, “on the contrary, I am being punished because I have not done enough to destroy your ways. I promise to oppose more vigorously your detrimental way of life.”

What is this “Zionism” that can bring even potentially priestly Jews down to such depths? It is the desire to throw .off the guide and the light of the Almighty and His holy Torah and to merely live like all other peoples. It means seizing our Holy Land and perverting its Divine purpose for the sake of having just another “land” like everyone else.

But even here, our prophets tried, several millennia ago, to transmit to us the Almighty’s warning as to what would happen if we followed such a path. Ezekiel (20:32) prophesied: “If you say, ‘let us be like all the nations of the world’, ‘as I live’, vows the Almighty, ‘if not with a strong hand and an outstretched arm, then with the full force of My wrath shall

I reign over you’.”

The great Rabbi Elchonon Wasserman, said and wrote on this verse that no one can ascertain in which of the three epochs (strong hand, outstretched arm, full force of My wrath) we are now existing - and who knows what will happen if we continue to disregard the instructions of the Almighty...

Shortly after this frightful warning, the most and the best of the Jewish people found themselves under the thumb of the accursed Hitler and his allies, the nations surrounding Germany. But the insane Jewish nationalists and Zionists stood up in their safe, convenient dwellings, especially the United States, laughed at Hitler and thereby incited him. In newspapers and at meetings, by making speeches and blowing shofar in front of the German consulate, they stupidly antagonized the Nazi fuehrer. If this was not enough, they aroused his anger and hatred even more, and brought him entirely to the edge of madness, by calling for a boycott of German goods. In 1933, when all the nations were still at peace with this wicked man, Hitler; when there was no other way but to employ the tried and true method of using humbleness and soft words, these self-appointed Zionist leaders ac ted contrary to the dictates of wisdom, and contrary to the oaths to which the Almighty had sworn the Jewish people in exile not to rebel amongst the nations. To a large extent, it was they, themselves, who drove this mad dog, Hitler, to the ultimate in insane meanderings and subsequently parallel actions.

Throughout history, the Jewish people were many times in danger of being exterminated, Heaven forbid. The axiom that “Esau hates Jacob” is reproven amidst out people in every generation with blood and tears.. Everything possible to obliterate this unwritten law hasn't’t helped. Our enemies are constantly reminding us, but the Almighty has pity on His poor nation. He gave us righteous and truthful advocates and intercessors. They do what they have to do, and the merit of both the masses and their ancestors helps them.

In our generation, the Jewish people left this time-proven method that was accepted by our forefathers. We forgot the only way that we could survive and live in exile - especially during difficult times. We forgot that the leaders of our people have to be believers in the Almighty and believers in the Torah. A Rabbi Michael Ber Weissman del, zt”l, writes in one of his letters, their fraudulent approach stood against them in making them ridicule and despise our traditional way of dealing in humbleness. They joked and made light of the Jew who tread gracefully and graciously in front of the ruling authorities. It was in this respectful way that almost all .Jews used to exist. But because of those who mocked, and with their methods, they brought almost the entire Jewish people into the ways of nationalism and Zionism, articulating demands, rather than requests.

There is no doubt that the Almighty will take revenge for the blood of his servants. The spilled blood of the Jewish people will hot be forgot ten. But that falls within the realm of the Almighty, blessed be He. What belongs to us, what we have to learn from this, we must learn from the past for the present and for the future. Each chapter in this book, and in the second part we plan to produce, is a bridge, a link in the chain. This is a book that cries out to be heard and taken to heart. It demands that the reader meditate on why the Almighty did these things, why He was enraged about us, what we did and what we did not do, and what we had in our power to do. This book wants to draw a line and to improve the understanding of the readers regarding how we and all of klal Yisroel are supposed to act.

The reason for printing this book iS to bring down for posterity what was wrought upon the Jewish people in recent times, as Well as providing us with the opportunity for learning from the past for the future. The sins and the crimes of the nations are written in the Almighty’s book in the Heavens. We do not have, today, anyone like Jeremiah, who is able to write a Book of Lamentations. The time will come when the Almighty will demand and seek justice from these genocidists for all their cruelty, all their tortures, all their murders. Not one will be left out. But the confessions and sins of klal Yisroel is something which must be written here.

“Jewish war criminals” is a phrase that was not included in the lexicon of either the “.yishuv” in Eretz Yisroel or in the diaspora. It is not even found in the remotest fantasies and imaginations of anyone’s mind.

On the contrary, from the hundreds of books, tens of thousands of articles and millions of words written and spoken on the Holocaust (which, itself, has been turned into a Zionist battle cry which we abhor, but have been forced to use for identification purposes), the opposite seems to be suggested — that there were no Jewish war criminals.

For this reason, the author of this work has unfolded before everyone’s eyes his uncovering of the mask worn by the Jewish collaborators, who stood at the helm of the Zionist movement and gave their hands to the Nazi beasts.

Lest you may ask, “why should we uncover this, why should we open old wounds?” this is to warn you to beware that there might be within your heart an iota of desire to serve this Zionist idol, or to get close to i and be within its realm. Know who were its leaders, even at its beginning, and develop a full comprehension of how, when Jews descend, they descend down to the abysmal depths.

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